Oilfield Products

Kimray Oil & Gas Equipment & Controls

Pressure Controls, Level Controllers, Glycol Pumps, Temperature Controls, Kimray Turbine Meters


Vent Valves, Thief Hatches, Flame Arrestors, Emergency Tank Vents

Catco Catalytic Heaters Company

Catalytic Heaters for Valves, Gas Streams, Regulator & Buildings – Suitable for Hazardous Locations

Quality Float Works

Plastic Coated, Nickel Plated & Stainless Floats, Float Arms and Interface Weights

Stanley Western

Pneumatic Counter

C.E.I. Compressor Controllers

Suction, Recycle and Back Pressure

C.E.I. Production & Pipeline Controllers

Pressure Reducer, Back Pressure, Hi/Lo’s, Line Over-Pressure Protection and Blow-down